Defining Activities in Primavera P6 EPPM

by TheP6Pro

After the completion of your Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) in Primavera P6 EPPM, it is time to define the activities that produce the WBS elements, i.e., the decomposed deliverables…


Scheduling Weekly Events in Microsoft Project

by Ten Six

It’s not uncommon that you have weekly status meetings and that the time and cost of those meetings is not immaterial? If this is the case then Microsoft Project has a great feature that allows you to schedule recurring tasks..


Highlighting Features in Primavera P6

by TheP6Pro

You can use Primavera P6’s numerous highlighting and filter capabilities to highlight activities within a range of dates or some other criteria. You may also use Primavera P6’s spotlight feature to highlight activities and Gantt chart bars within a range of dates starting with the data date…


Deltek Cobra Spread Weight Options

by TheCobraGuy

In Deltek Cobra there are three options for weighting the spread of hours when resources are assigned to work packages or control accounts. These are: ‘Linear weight’, ‘Weight Using Hours’ and ‘Weight using working days’. The question is what effect do these settings have when making a resource assignment and indeed what calculations is Cobra performing for each of them?..


Assigning Notepad Labels to Primavera P6 Gantt Chart Bars

by TheP6Pro

If want to display a Notebook Topic on your Gantt chart, Primavera P6 has a great way for you to display a Notebook Topic on a Gantt chart bar. Activities displayed as single bars on a Gantt chart can have associated steps that..


Primavera P6 Online Video Training for only $250

by Ten Six

We are excited to announce that our online Primavera P6 Professional video training class is now only $250 until June 30th, 2015. Shot in high definition and professionally recorded , this class teaches you..


Top-Down Scheduling In Microsoft Project

by Ten Six

Before you start diving in and creating a schedule you should first consider what the major deliverables of your project are. Furthermore, you need to decompose these deliverables into components in order to create what is known as a Work Breakdown Structure..


First Look – Primavera P6 Professional 15.1 Release

by TheP6Pro

With the recent release of P6 from Oracle Primavera we see a major change in the version numbering and a number of new features. Primavera is changing the version number to the year of release, and the number of releases that year, hence 15.1, the first release this year…


Oracle Releases Primavera Analytics 15.1

by TheP6Pro

In conjunction with the release of Primavera P6 15.1, Oracle has also released Primavera Analytics 15.1. If you’re confused about the version number, we explained the changes ..


Oracle Releases Primavera P6 15.1

by TheP6Pro

Yes, you heard that correctly, we are now on version 15.1 of Oracle Primavera P6. This one is going to confuse the market for half a decade or so. The new naming..