Microsoft Project 2013

Scheduling a Task Interruption in Microsoft Project 2013

by Ten Six

We recently had a question from a customer who asked how to use the Split Task feature in Microsoft Project 2013 to suspend work on a task. So let’s take a look at a scenario and explain how this really useful feature works…

Microsoft Project Export from Primavera P6 Now Working

by TheP6Pro

At the very beginning of 2014 we published an article concerning some missing relationships with the Export to Microsoft Project XML feature in Primavera P6; at the time using P6 R8.3.0. With the October 2014 release of Primavera P6 R8.4 however, those shortfalls have been addressed..

Deltek Cobra New Release Announced at Deltek Insight Conference

by TheCobraGuy

Deltek announced the latest release of their industry leading Earned Value engine Cobra 5.1.3 at the Deltek Insight conference this week and its immediate availability. In addition to the usual maintenance updates..

Optimizing Schedules in Microsoft Project 2013 using Finish-to-Finish Relationships

by Ten Six

Modeling relationships between tasks in any scheduling tool requires knowledge of both the project work and how it will be performed as well as the tool. Simple Finish-to-Start relationships may not always give you the optimum schedule efficiency or allow you to model the work as it will actually occur…

Setting Up a Four-Day Work Week in Microsoft Project 2013

by Ten Six

Before you begin scheduling tasks in Microsoft Project 2013, it is important to create a calendar that represents the default working days for project tasks. The default project calendar is used by Microsoft Project 2013 to set the working days and times for project tasks..

Deltek Cobra and Microsoft Project 2013

by TheCobraGuy

The latest announcement from Microsoft that all things ‘Office’ are about to change got me thinking about one thing: will the new Microsoft Project 2013 integrate with Deltek Cobra?..

Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project 2013

by TheP6Pro

The recent announcement from Microsoft (July 16th) that launched ‘The New Microsoft Office’ has certainly been generating a lot of interest, and a lot of questions. The question that we wanted to answer was whether or not the new Microsoft Project XML files would load into the current R8.2 version of Primavera P6…


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  • Primavera P6 SDEF Conversion Utilities

    If you need to know more about Primavera P6 and the SDEF format, then this article discuses what they are and shows you where to find the Primavera P6 utilities that convert XER files to SDEF format and vice versa. We also take a look at the utilities..

  • Oracle Releases Primavera P6 R8.4

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