Microsoft Project 2013

Scheduling Weekly Events in Microsoft Project

by Ten Six

It’s not uncommon that you have weekly status meetings and that the time and cost of those meetings is not immaterial? If this is the case then Microsoft Project has a great feature that allows you to schedule recurring tasks..

Top-Down Scheduling In Microsoft Project

by Ten Six

Before you start diving in and creating a schedule you should first consider what the major deliverables of your project are. Furthermore, you need to decompose these deliverables into components in order to create what is known as a Work Breakdown Structure..

Updating Schedule Progress in Microsoft Project 2013

by Ten Six

Knowing how to update your schedule in Microsoft Project is essential to accurately tracking your schedule progress. Here we look at the major steps to updating your Microsoft Project 2013 schedule based upon the progress..

Microsoft Project: Displaying the Total Float (Slack) of Tasks on the Gantt Chart

by Ten Six

To better understand the total float of tasks in your schedule, it’s often very useful to display these on the Gantt chart. A Gantt chart view of total slack may complement or even provide more insight than a tabulated list of values…

Setting up a Baseline in Microsoft Project 2013

by Ten Six

If you are not sure how to set up a baseline to measure project progress in Microsoft 2013 then you may find this article very helpful. After completion of the initial planning phase of the project, where the tasks..

Monitoring Near Critical Tasks in Microsoft Project 2013

by Ten Six

Monitoring your near critical activities can be, in some schedules, as important as the critical ones. You need to be aware of where these activities are located on your schedule, so you can keep an eye..

Microsoft Project Print To PDF Options Explored

by Ten Six

If you are looking for a way to create an adobe pdf file of your schedule that clearly displays an outline of your project tasks and corresponding Gantt chart, then you should check out the many great print options available in Microsoft Project 2013..

Adding Generic Labor Resources In Microsoft Project 2013

by Ten Six

One of the more sophisticated areas of scheduling is the assignment of resources to the tasks. To do effective resource assignment in Microsoft Project you need to be familiar with the methods for assigning labor, material, and costs..

Auto & Manual Schedule Task Entry in Microsoft Project 2013

by Ten Six

Microsoft Project 2013 allows for the manual and automatic entry of task data. The manual entry option simply records the name of the task you enter. It does not provide a duration or Start and Finish dates. The automatic entry provides an..

Grouping Tasks in Microsoft Project 2013

by Ten Six

Microsoft Project 2013 allows you to sort and organize your tasks by various specific fields to help you better track various aspects of your schedule. Perhaps, you want to organize your schedule into groups by resource type..


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