Time Saving Tips in Primavera P6

Here are some time saving ways to interact with Oracle Primavera P6 Professional R8.1 that you may not have discovered.

1 – Drag And Drop To Save A Lot

If you want to move an object from one branch of a hierarchy to another, you can do it simply by placing the cursor in the vertical band furthest to the left. The cursor gets a white rectangle appearing behind it. That’s your cue – click the object and drag it to any location elsewhere in the hierarchy. This trick works in the Projects, Activities, and Resources tab’s and in pretty much any dialog or tab where a hierarchy or list is present.

2 – One-Click Fix For Gantt Charts

If your activities have gone MIA (Missing In Action) from the Gantt chart screen, simply click once on the horizontal scroll block to snap them back onto the screen.


3 – Moving Columns

You can actually just drag and drop a Column from one position to another in most of the table views, without having to use the arrow buttons in the Columns dialog.

When you click and drag a column header, it doesn’t appear to be working as Primavera P6 gives no visual feedback during the drag. But once you do let go, the dragged column appears just fine in the new position.


4 – Quantum Leap

Click once on the Month – Year header in the calendar dialog and you can now jump years rather than months with the arrow buttons. Once in the year you need, click on the month button you want and the calendar dialog drops back to the normal view for date selection.

Or better still, just type the date directly into the field instead. What? Come on, it’s only 8 characters.

5 – Fill-Down

You can use the Shift key to select multiple rows and then click Ctrl+E to fill down on the column that has focus.

6 – Smoother Relationships

Add the Relationships tab to your activity details bottom layout. It will allow you to see both the predecessors and successors of any selected activity in one efficient view. This tab is off by default. Right-click on any tab to select the Customize Activity Details… option.

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