Installing Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Stand-alone

by TheP6Pro

One of the contributing factors to the continued popularity of Primavera P6 Professional, apart from its rich and varied functionality, is the ability to install the software on a PC or laptop machine independent of a centralized multi-user database.

While Primavera P6 is essentially an enterprise system, it functions very well as a single system and thus remains a firm favorite for those who travel around the country and wish to keep copies of the schedule data at hand. After all, not everyone is a Microsoft Project enthusiast.

Ten Six have compiled the following installation guide for those who might need a little help installing the software in a standalone configuration. While it’s mostly straightforward to do, having a cheat sheet handy is always a bonus.

Free Download – Primavera P6 Installation Guide

Download this free Primavera P6 Professional R8.2 Stand-alone Installation Guide to help you with a smooth and error-free installation process. It uses mostly the default install options including the Oracle 10g XE database that functions as the default repository.

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