Packt Publishing Deal – $5 eBooks and Videos

by Ten Six

What a great way to end 2014 with Pack Publishing’s fantastic year end bonanza. This is their biggest offer to date, ALL eBooks and videos are only $5 each. The offer runs from December 18th through to January 6th, 2015. Two of our..


Primavera P3 to P6 Conversion Service Guidelines

by TheP6Pro

The following article describes some guidelines for providing Ten Six Consulting with P3 backup files in order to convert your projects to Primavera P6. Please read these guidelines before exporting your P3 project(s)…


Primavera P6 SDEF Conversion Utilities

by TheP6Pro

If you need to know more about Primavera P6 and the SDEF format, then this article discuses what they are and shows you where to find the Primavera P6 utilities that convert XER files to SDEF format and vice versa. We also take a look at the utilities..


How Does Cobra Handle The Latest IPMR Format 2 Requirements?

by TheCobraGuy

The latest guidance for the Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) adds some reporting criteria to the Format 2 report. In the older Contract Performance Report (CPR) format, the Format 2 had to be run by the OBS element. This sometimes caused confusion on how to handle materials and..


Scheduling a Task Interruption in Microsoft Project 2013

by Ten Six

We recently had a question from a customer who asked how to use the Split Task feature in Microsoft Project 2013 to suspend work on a task. So let’s take a look at a scenario and explain how this really useful feature works…


How To Filter Activities in Primavera P6

by TheP6Pro

After you’ve created your Primavera P6 schedule, there may be times when you want to view only a selection of the activities in it; particularly if it is a large schedule. This article looks at some basic techniques for filtering activities..


Microsoft Project Export from Primavera P6 Now Working

by TheP6Pro

At the very beginning of 2014 we published an article concerning some missing relationships with the Export to Microsoft Project XML feature in Primavera P6; at the time using P6 R8.3.0. With the October 2014 release of Primavera P6 R8.4 however, those shortfalls have been addressed..


Labeling of Codes on Codes Does Not Work In Deltek Cobra…at First!

by TheCobraGuy

Deltek Cobra allows you to assign codes on codes, a powerful feature that gives you incredible flexibility for reporting. These kinds of fields are especially important when implementing the tool in an enterprise environment because you can give individual projects flexibility in how they want to..


Applying Hard Constraints to a Schedule in Primavera P6

by TheP6Pro

When do you apply hard or soft constraints in Primavera P6? This is a question I had recently while working with a client and while there are no hard and fast rules as project specific circumstances can differ, here are some guidelines that may help. Many times the project schedule is influenced by certain..


5 Project Tracking Tools

by Ten Six

How do you track your projects? Maybe you have a list of the 5 most significant milestones on your project reports and track progress against them each month. Maybe you go for the ‘gut feel’ approach. You can be a bit more scientific with how you..