Full Monte – Latin Hypercube Hype (Part I)

by Ten Six

From time to time we get asked why Full Monte does not support Latin Hypercube Sampling (“LHS”). This is a fancy name for a technique intended to improve the accuracy obtained from a given number of iterations of a Monte Carlo simulation model, but in fact the benefits ..


How To Downgrade Internet Explorer (IE) 11 to IE 10 Or Earlier

by TheP6Pro

For companies implementing Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Portfolio Project Management (EPPM) R8.3.2 or earlier, you will need to downgrade your user base to IE 10. P6 EPPM is not supported and doesn’t work with IE 11. Whatever your reasons for needing to downgrade, the following steps show..


Primavera P6 EPPM Tested Configurations and Other Documents

by TheP6Pro

In the more recent releases of Oracle Primavera P6, the documentation media package zip file no longer contains documentation. All you will find is one document entitled ‘where_to_get_documentation.pdf’…


Primavera P6 Professional R8.4 Standalone Installation Overview

by TheP6Pro

With the release of Primavera P6 revision 8.4, you now have the option to run the Professional client as a standalone configuration using the SQLite database as its data repository. This has made the installation of standalone Primavera P6 Professional clients quicker and easier for everyone, whether or not your..


Deltek Cobra Roadmap – What’s Next?

by TheCobraGuy

News of where you should expect to see Deltek Cobra go in the years ahead was presented at Deltek’s Insight conference in sunny Orlando this week. In the coming years highlighted on the Cobra Roadmap, it looks like Deltek will focus more..


Deltek Cobra New Release Announced at Deltek Insight Conference

by TheCobraGuy

Deltek announced the latest release of their industry leading Earned Value engine Cobra 5.1.3 at the Deltek Insight conference this week and its immediate availability. In addition to the usual maintenance updates..


Optimizing Schedules in Microsoft Project 2013 using Finish-to-Finish Relationships

by Ten Six

Modeling relationships between tasks in any scheduling tool requires knowledge of both the project work and how it will be performed as well as the tool. Simple Finish-to-Start relationships may not always give you the optimum schedule efficiency or allow you to model the work as it will actually occur…


Monitoring Near Critical Activities in Primavera P6

by TheP6Pro

Monitoring near critical activities can be just as important as monitoring the critical ones. Once you have entered all your activities and activity relationships, and Primavera P6 has computed your critical path, you’ll know all the activities that have zero float. These are the activities that could ..


PDUs For Training Demystified

by Ten Six

As one of the few Global Registered Education Providers for PMI (Project Management Institute), Ten Six has a unique insight into how the PMP® credential process works, and how training companies can help you manage your recertification requirements. Holders of the PMP credential..


Creating A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) In Primavera P6

by TheP6Pro

One of the first steps in planning a project is to break down the project into its major deliverables i.e. major product or service components. This is known as the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). After you have created ..