What Matters More: Maturity or Value?

by Ten Six

What matters more to your project organization: maturity or value? Previously the obvious answer to this question was maturity. There are a number of project, program and PMO maturity models that stem from the work done on the..


Monitoring Near Critical Tasks in Microsoft Project 2013

by Ten Six

Monitoring your near critical activities can be, in some schedules, as important as the critical ones. You need to be aware of where these activities are located on your schedule, so you can keep an eye..


Book Review – Managing Projects as Investments: Earned Value to Business Value

by Ten Six

Stephen A. Devaux has a new book out titled Managing Projects as Investments: Earned Value to Business Value. It’s a great read for aspiring and veteran project managers alike and a..


Deltek Cobra 5.n Project Integration Warning: “Could not find a base result for .”

by TheCobraGuy

The following warning will be encountered when integrating Microsoft Project (2007/2010/2013) XML files to a Deltek Cobra project when there is a period in the Microsoft Project resource name…


Primavera P6 – Adding Generic Labor Resources to a Project

by TheP6Pro

If you want to assign resources to your project schedule, but don’t wish to utilize the Role features of Primavera P6, you can take the simpler approach of naming labor resources by their skill. This will allow you to avoid..


Assigning Expenses in Primavera P6

by TheP6Pro

If you are looking for ways to assign costs to activities in Primavera P6 without creating a global resource for every item, then you may find the Expenses feature useful. A project expense can be many things: administration, travel, consulting, software, facilities, training, you name it. The Expenses tool is also ideal..


Microsoft Project Print To PDF Options Explored

by Ten Six

If you are looking for a way to create an adobe pdf file of your schedule that clearly displays an outline of your project tasks and corresponding Gantt chart, then you should check out the many great print options available in Microsoft Project 2013..


What Should You Expect From a CAM Interview at an IBR

by Ten Six

During an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) you will be interviewing the Control Account Managers (CAM) for the different control accounts that are being reviewed. The CAM is a role of the person who is responsible for the planning, managing and..


Scheduling a 24-hour Elapsed Time Lag In Primavera P6

by TheP6Pro

Primavera P6 has the capability to model either workday or 24-hour elapsed time lags in your schedule. A 24-hour elapsed time lag can be very useful when you are trying to model such constants as the cure process for concrete, which of course..


Setting Up a P6 Professional Standalone Client using SQL Server

by TheP6Pro

If you’ve been having issues trying to run Primavera P6 Professional as standalone on the Oracle XE database, or you simply want to run standalone when not on the company network and are not an Oracle database expert; you can use a Microsoft SQL Server Express database instead…