Printing A Gantt Chart In Primavera P6

by TheP6Pro

Primavera P6 has some great options for viewing and printing Gantt charts that can give you the flexibility you need to meet the reporting demands of peers, senior management and stakeholders. One useful option in Primavera P6 is the ability to open..


What’s Next For Your PMO?

by Ten Six

Every company’s Project Management Office is slightly different. The functions that your PMO provides depends on where the unit sits within the business, what resources it controls and how much responsibility it has. PMOs can range..


How Do You Score An Integrated Baseline Review (IBR)?

by Ten Six

You need to be careful to avoid the trap of looking at an IBR (Integrated Baseline Review) as something that is graded like a term paper or assigning a “Pass/Fail” grade to the process. The IBR is meant to be a collaborative effort that consolidates the understanding of a baseline..


Setting Up a Four-Day Work Week in Microsoft Project 2013

by Ten Six

Before you begin scheduling tasks in Microsoft Project 2013, it is important to create a calendar that represents the default working days for project tasks. The default project calendar is used by Microsoft Project 2013 to set the working days and times for project tasks..


Primavera P6 Solves the Start-to-Start Open Network Problem

by TheP6Pro

In Primavera P6, once all the activities are clearly defined and the corresponding durations accurately estimated, the next step in the scheduling process is to define the relationships between these activities. This can be a deceptively challenging..


Use The WBS Dictionary To Better Understand Your Schedule

by Ten Six

In a previous blog I talked about how the WBS Dictionary, with its ability to map the WBS to the SOW, which opens up opportunities to better, understand your project. In this blog we’re going to be looking at one of those ways, namely how you can use the WBS Dictionary to understand..


Schedule Baselines In Primavera P6

by TheP6Pro

After completion of the initial planning phase of the project, where the activities, activity durations, and activity relationships have been successfully entered and scheduled, it is time to make a baseline of the project. The baseline is a complete copy..


4 Steps For Introducing A New PMO

by Ten Six

Setting up a new organizational Project Management Office is a big undertaking. It’s also a big investment for most companies so it’s important to get it right. Those first few weeks and months when your PMO has just launched are critical for its on-going success. You want to show that you are making a difference..


Managing Rate Changes in Deltek Cobra

by TheCobraGuy

Managing the changing of rates for an in-flight EVM project is a frequent headache for almost every EVM project team. The volatility of certain burdens, particularly the General and Administrative (G&A) rate, is a regularly debated issue; and absolute best practice solutions are not always easy..


Primavera P6 Time Units: An Important User Preference

by TheP6Pro

So you’ve just obtained access to Primavera P6 Professional and are eager to commence scheduling your first project. However, before you begin work, it is important to set up a few options related to inputting activities and their associated resources. This article takes a close look at just one of the user preferences..