What is a WBS Dictionary?

by Ten Six

One of the pillars of any project is the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and the accompanying WBS Dictionary. Whether you are a contractor presenting the project baseline or the customer reviewing the baseline, the WBS and WBS Dictionary is your Rosetta stone..


Creating a Believable Schedule

by Ten Six

Defining activities is an important part of scheduling. Part of the complexity of the project is determined by the number of activities required to complete that project. When it comes to the size and/or placement of the activities, several control factors should be..


How Do You Change Databases In Cobra?

by TheCobraGuy

The latest version of Deltek Cobra gives you the ability to easily switch between data sources. You could always do this, even back as far as the 4.X versions, but you needed to setup different icons on your desktop, batch files, etc…doable, but not..


Primavera P6 Activity Relationships

by Ten Six

Once the scheduler has defined unique activities with realistic durations, the next step of defining activity relationships may have a big impact on the length of the project. The scheduler uses the precedence diagramming ..


Critical Path Method: A Tale of Two Methods

by Ten Six

The critical path is the shortest time duration in which a project may be completed. The critical path also has zero float, which means that a delay in any activity along the critical path will result in an extension of the project schedule..


What Documents Should Be Reviewed At An IBR?

by Ten Six

Prior to holding the actual Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) meeting, you should prepare and review key program artifacts. Typically, these artifacts are shared with the customer’s IBR team four (4) weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. In some cases, ..


How To Select A Great EPM Tool

by Ten Six

Making the decision to buy an Enterprise Project Management (EPM) tool is one thing, but choosing the product you are then going to invest in can be a daunting prospect. There are plenty of options on the market and making a purchasing mistake..


Understanding Staffing & Scheduling Constraints

by Ten Six

In order for project managers to properly assign resources and develop workable schedules, they need to understand the difference between Duration, Effort, and Hours. Microsoft Project users often refer to these constraints as Duration, Units, and Work. Duration is the total amount of time that the task..


Rate Change Management Tools in Deltek Cobra

by TheCobraGuy

Deltek Cobra allows for multiple rate files to be used within one program and is often the reason why some managers choose Cobra over Deltek MPM. The need to model and forecast different rates is a growing topic of concern..


Who Should Attend An IBR?

by Ten Six

It is important to make sure the Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) does not devolve into a business management only meeting. If that happens you run the risk of the review being too focused on the processes or not keeping the focus on the..